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What to Look for When Choosing IT Providers

With so many many IT support entities to choose from, all offers different packages and services, checking through the options can be a challenging task. In this article we will focus on some of the most important qualities to look for in an IT support provider.


Faster Response Times

When choosing an IT support provider it’s important to select one that can respond to your queries in a reasonable time frame. This will often depend on the level of support that you have callled for. It’s worth noting that ‘a guaranteed response time’ only shows that the company will respond to you and will then start trying to fix your issue. Not all IT related problems can be fixed in a short time frame, so be aware of any IT support entities that guarantee to resolve your problems within a specific time frame.


You wouldn’t trust your health with an unqualified doctor; neither would you trust your car with an unqualified mechanic, so why should you trust an IT providers that has no accreditations to their name? Before making a decision, be sure they have all of the needed certifications from the manufacturers of the software they provide support services on. For example, Circle IT hold a number of Microsoft accreditations including Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Cloud Champion. We are also Dell Premier Partner, meaning we have the tools to provide server, networking and cloud services.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Any IT support company that has proven their worth will have numerous testimonials and case studies showing on their website. Prior to seeing them personally, take some time and see testimonials from other clients. Look for testimonials and case studies from businesses that have same needs as yours. It’s nice to know that the IT support company you choose has capabilities in providing services to businesses just like yours.


In the event you experience problems with your hardware, your IT provider might need to visit your office and do physical repairs. So it would be convenient if the company is located nearby, there are numerous problems that can be solved remotely and don’t need onsite assistance. When short listing potential IT support entities, make sure that they do not have hindrance on location and go the extra mile to fix the issue.

Attitude to Customer Services

Good IT providers should make it a habit to guarantee that their service and support is what the customer wants and expects. For this the company should need to manage your expectations and provide support when it is needed. When a company has outstanding customer service, it should be provided throughout the company, from the work they provide for you along with a positive attitude which should show throughout the team. This is something that we pride ourselves on at Circle IT – brilliant staff means happy clients!

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A Transparent IT Support Agreement

Many IT providers charge a very low monthly fee but then charge an extra fee for things such as on-site support. This is why it’s vital to make sure that you know exactly what is and is not included in your agreement. The last thing you will want is to be billed for things that you thought were included in the agreement.

When choosing IT providers, remember that support agreements are put in place to help both entities and to make sure there is an understanding and agreement of the services provided. At Circle IT we provide a transparent IT support service, and are more than willing to explain the services provided and state what is and isn’t included in our service invoice.

The Right Size for Your Business

Not all IT providers are compatible for every business, it’s important however, that they have the resources to meet your needs. If you are a small business, some large service providers may not provide access to their top support technicians, despite what their adverts may say. If you are a large business or organisation, a smaller IT support company might not have the resources to provide the necessary levels of support for your needs. At Circle IT, we are small enough to care, but big enough to deliver.


As the needs of your business change, so will your relationship with your IT providers . Having the variaty to scale your IT capabilities up or down as and when you need to is integrate the success of your business. When choosing a support company, ask them about the costs involved with making changes to the levels support they provide, and how long the changes will take effect.

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